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Since 1991, Steve Walters (under the moniker Screwball Press) has been printing posters, CD packaging, and a variety of other collectible items for Chicago's indie rock community. Over the years, he has had the opportnity to train and/or work with some of his (and your) favorite local artists including Bob Hartzell, Kristen Thiele, Jay Ryan, Mike Benedetto, Keith Herzik, and Jason Frederick.

Around 2000, Steve looked back on ten years of work and reailzed that working with these people was the single most satisfying aspect of Screwball Press. So he began to implement the Screwball Academy based on the extension of the Minutemen's "band in every garage" credo (and I think we can all agree on what a mess THAT'S turned out to be). Steve wanted to see a printer in every band.

At present, Steve has taught 36 people over the past 18 months, most of whom still use the facilities to print personal projects as well as a few who run their own printing businesses.

Screenprinting is a physical, hands-on process and so is the course. Students come in with a piece (or 2) of black and white line art and leave with up to 50 3-color, 11"x17" prints that they produce themselves. This can be done in a single 6-8 hour session or can be broken up into two shorter sessions. After that, you are free to come back whenever you want to use the facilities. To schedule a class, email Steve at steve@screwballpress.com

"This is better than the Art Institute."
- Jon King, Art Director, Leo Burnett

"Way easier than trying to print in my kitchen."
- Kathleen Judge, local artist

"A threat to freedom."
- George W. Bush, unelected offical